Across Switzerland with a 190SL for

To this day, this was our biggest and most demanding project. It all started in early 2021 with a random LinkedIn request Tim got by Jaspreet Sangha. He asked us if we’d like to collaborate with ebookers and create their summer campaign. To be honest, we first thought this had to be a scam because we could not believe that ebookers would ask Alpineracer, only a couple of months old by then, for a collaboration. But, as you might have noticed, it turned out to be our greatest endeavor yet. We ventured across Switzerland in a 190SL for five days creating the ebookers summer campaign. You’ll find part one below. Thank you Kurzbild for helping out and thanks ebookers for the amazing project.

Ebookers Summer Campaign AlpineracerEbookers Summer Campaign AlpineracerEbookers Summer Campaign Alpineracer